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About David Thiemecke

David Thiemecke

I start every day with “yes” and ask “why?” I love growing communities that help small business owners reach their dreams. As a serial co-founder of a handful of businesses with my partners since 1998, I’ve worked almost every job. I made tons of mistakes, listened critically, changed direction, and succeeded in SaaS, residential home services, healthcare, law, light manufacturing, and startups. No matter what happens, let’s get a beer after.

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Recent Posts

Field Nimble and The New Flat Rate Provide Entry Level Price Book for Starter Companies

Posted by David Thiemecke on 6/6/17 6:04 AM

Field Nimble and The New Flat Rate will provide a bare-bones, one price per task price book inside Field Nimble to offer new contracting businesses a way to get started in the industry. Deemed Base Rate, this entry level program will be available to small residential contractors through mobile field service management software.

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Is your best technician your worst driver?

Posted by David Thiemecke on 5/10/17 7:13 AM

Your drivers are tired, surprised by hazards, focused on the radio, squeezing in a personal errand, and they're doing it with your truck. At any size of business, you can't ride with them every day, and what would that accomplish? Micro-managing driving doesn't earn more job turns, raise sales, or thrill homeowners. That's what fleet management tools are for.

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When are routine meetings good?

Posted by David Thiemecke on 4/12/17 1:23 PM

I bet the phrase "death by meetings" rarely comes up from staff at small contractors. Who has time for boring yak sessions outside the big jobs today? When more than half of your team is out working jobs for homeowners, the phones are ringing, and you already know you're going into overtime, why pull everyone away?

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How do I get ready for marketing?

Posted by David Thiemecke on 4/4/17 2:30 PM

Let’s say you’ve gotten to a spot where your phones ring every day but the calls vary a lot. Some days you get too many calls, others not enough. Your customers' requests run across the board, rather than growing the work that makes money. They call from places you’ve been, but rarely the neighborhoods next door that you’d visit just as well. How do you know your next available day two weeks from now will get filled with the right visits?

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Priorities for Solo Customer Service Reps

Posted by David Thiemecke on 3/15/17 6:31 AM

What's the next most important thing?

How do you go home with your mind at peace when you work customer service? It's a struggle -- the work you planned gets interrupted relentlessly by calls and emergencies. Even at a small contractor with fewer people stirring the pot, if you drop the ball there's no one else to catch it. Confidently knowing what's been handled, what's at-risk, and in what order to work it makes all the difference in keeping everyone calm. Here's a start that I've learned from watching some great customer service representatives for those flying solo.

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