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A Better Way To Field Service™

Why are you still using paper?!?

Posted by Nick Gianadda on 6/21/17 2:32 PM

When you show up at a customer’s home, you work hard to present yourself as a qualified technician that can perform the task that the customer is going to eventually pay to have completed. Why would you work so hard for a good first impression when you are going to leave a sour taste by leaving a handwritten invoice? That’s like telling your customer that you aren’t a “real business.”

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Field Nimble Makes Bookkeeping Easier for Contractors on QuickBooks Desktop

Posted by David Thiemecke on 6/9/17 6:04 AM

Field Nimble released a simple way to send customers, invoices, line items, sales tax, payments, and payment processing expenses to Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Pro Plus editions. Small residential home services contractors get ahead when they spend less time to reach financial clarity.

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Why You Can't Figure Out What Taking Credit Cards Costs Your Business

Posted by Steven Raines on 11/27/16 8:21 AM

We all want to get paid quickly for our services and taking credit cards offers a quick and easy way to ensure payment. We've come to accept that there is a cost for taking these payments (deducted from the transaction total) but if you've ever looked at your statement and cocked your head sideways like a confused German Shepard when trying to figure out exactly what your rate is, you know that how much you're paying isn't clear.

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